We’re not exactly a party band. We drink tea.


james franco went on a national morning talk show and admitted to trying to hook up with a 17 year old girl and the hosts laughed and thanked him for his honesty as if this were some embarrassing story at family dinner and not a potential felony what the hell


Zooey Deschanel - Dustin Cohen Photoshoot for USA Today - April 14, 2014


1 year !!!!


Jodie Foster as Iris

Taxi Driver (1976) dir. Martin Scorsese 


having to dumb down your knowledge of celebrities in front of people

"On their first date they bumped into Russell and he made them write down what they think they are to each other. Now we never got to find out what either of them wrote, but this moment is indicative of what is happening right now with them. They still don’t really know what they are and it’s something the show clearly wants to explore beyond just boyfriend/girlfriend shenanigans."